Don Travis (Don Morgan)

Don Morgan is a man totally captivated by his adopted state of New Mexico. Each of his BJ Vinson mystery novels, written under his pseudonym Don Travis, features some region of the state as prominently as it does his protagonist, a gay former Marine, ex-cop turned confidential investigator. Don never made it to the Marines (three years in the Army was all he managed) and certainly didn’t join the Albuquerque Police Department. He thought he was a paint artist for a while, but ditched that for writing a few years back. A loner, he fulfills his social needs by attending SouthWest Writers meeting and teaching a weekly writing class at an Albuquerque community center.

The Voxlightner Scandal (BJ Vinson Mystery Book 6)

No good deed goes unpunished, as investigator BJ Vinson is about to discover.

Writer John Pierce Belhaven was murdered before he could reveal the name of another killer—one connected to the biggest scandal to rock Albuquerque in years. Two of the city’s most prominent citizens—Barron Voxlightner and Dr. Walther Stabler—vanished in 2004, along with fifty million dollars looted from Voxlightner Precious Metals Recovery Corp. It only makes sense that poking into that disappearance cost Belhaven his life.

But BJ isn’t so sure.

He’s agreed to help novice detective Roy Guerra reopen the old case—which the wealthy and influential Voxlightner family doesn’t want dredged up. But Belhaven was part of their family, and that connection could’ve led to his murder. Or did the sixty-year-old author die because of a sordid sexual affair?


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  1. Don/Mark, that was a very good interview and I appreciated how you described the Two Spirit People. As you know I’ve read all of those books. And we’ve discussed that. Good luck to you.

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