Ep:024 Dal Maclean comes from the north of Scotland. Her background is in journalism, and she has an undying passion for history, the more scandalous the better. Dal has lived in Asia and worked all over the world, but home is now the UK. Her first book, ‘Bitter Legacy’ was a 2017 Lambda Literary Award finalist for Mystery, and was chosen by the American Library Association for their 2018 Over the Rainbow Recommended Books List.

Website = www.dalmaclean.com

Link to Blue on Blue = https://tinyurl.com/vj8woxc

Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010371585020

Twitter = https://twitter.com/MacleanDal

Instagram = @dalmaclean

Requeered Tales = http://www.requeeredtales.com/

Justene’s Review:
The Quarter Boys by David Lennon = https://tinyurl.com/s5u5yvq

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